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Greetings traveller!

I’m a curious mind, technophile and self-taught programmer! Currently, I’m a Computer Engineering senior student at Koç University, hoping to graduate this Spring with a track in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence!

I’m also a member of Data Horde, a community blog dedicated to digital archiving.

I get around quite a bit, below are some of the other places you may have spotted me before landing on this homepage.



I co-hosted Stranger Jam (19-26 June 2020). In Stranger Jam participants were only allowed to team up with people they hadn’t met before, hence people who were complete “strangers”. Stranger Jam was a unique twist on the usual game jam formula, allowing participants to collaborate with new people, instead of only competing against one another.

19 games were submitted by over 40 participants. A playthrough of Stranger Jam submissions is available as a YouTube Playlist, courtesy of The Wandering Shadow.


Solo Games:

Competitive Programming